Goldenbrook; The intimate moments shared between you and your loved ones. The soft golden light filtering through the trees.

Oh Hello!

The name’s Carson Reneau.

In 2021, my fiancee, Kristen (now wife) and I picked up and left our home in Alberta, Canada. We relocated to be closer to her family in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and got married in December of that same year. I left behind a 7 year wedding photography business (Woodland Photography Co.) to my partner, which led to the creation of Goldenbrook Photography in the Low Country of South Carolina.

Being a documentary-style portrait photographer with a love for the outdoors, my goal is to always ensure you feel connected and grounded to the environment around you. I'm just here to tell your story. My focus is for you to be present; as this is where the true, raw emotions naturally emerge.

I love meeting for coffee (I’m buying!) with couples and getting to know their story. What makes your relationship special? What do you like or dislike? Are we a good fit? It’s your day and your memories and I want to be absolutely certain that we make the intricacies of your day shine.